Monday, April 21, 2014

Leaves and Future Projects

Haven't been here for awhile.  I did manage to get the Bunny Blues Leaves collection together now just entitled "Leaves".  It includes all 6 issues of the BB/L series plus all the Oh,Comics! shorts that were not included in "Big Ears and Flat Feet".  Total page count is 190!  It's available at the Back Porch Comics page. If you only want a few issues of the BB/L series they are still available on the website until they run out.

I haven't figured out what I want to work on next.  I been so busy with SPACE I haven't drawn anything since October.

One project that I might work on is the long form Vugz webcomic which I have mentioned here before.  The idea of doing a painted page every week has me scared a bit. I have collected the Vugz short stories that have appeared in Oh, Comics! and the SPACE Anthology in a full color  minicomic "Vugz:Fragments"  available at the Back Porch Comics page.
Also I have a few other projects in various states including:
A cataract comic- the story of all the crazy stuff that happened on my way to getting cataract surgery.

Pig Thief- Another memoir comic about my kindergarten days and lessons learned that I was trying to do as a linocut book.
Purple Sky- a memoir comic about my failing grade in elementary school art class.  I started this a few years ago but at the time I decided to make if fiction but I didn't like the way it turned out so I decided if I do it will be the real story.

Flakes- The next story line in the Bunny Blues mythos.

I was also planning on putting together a collection of all my science fiction and fantasy stories into one volume and have it ready for SPACE next year.  It will include all the Gremlin stuff, and short stories that appeared in Oh,Comics! and other anthologies I contributed to over the years.

I'll be at The Big Comic Show at the Pickerington Library on May 17 and also Derby City Con on June 28 &29.


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