Monday, December 8, 2014

What the Heck Happened to 2014?

If you follow my stuff only here, sorry.  I only had one post all year. Seems like it was a busy year but when I stopped to look I really didn't do much drawing. I  started off the year putting "Leaves" together.  The artwork for Bunny Blues / Leaves #6 which concluded the story arc was done back in September '13 in time for SPX. The "Leaves" TPB made it's debut at SPACE '14.  I also had Oh,Comics! #22 "Time" ready for SPACE with my 4 page story, "Chronos Musca Domestica", which was completed in October '13.  The only artwork I did was the cover for "Leaves" which you can see in the post below and a Minicomics Day minicomic, ZZZ!!! that I did at the Indie Comics Fair back in March. There it is in the pic with the other minis that were produced that day.

And I have finished two pages of my Mr. Rifft story for Oh,Comics! #23 "Music" coming to SPACE 2015.
I also finally finished the coloring of "Invasion of the Blood Sucking Martian Crunchies" which has been around forever.  I had that book ready for "Return of the Killer Crafts" back in October.

I haven't figured out what the next big project is.  You can read about the possibilities from my previous post.  I did write most of my cataract story that I've been meaning to do but it's very word heavy and I need to see how to cut it and make it work as a comic.
I also have put together all my old Science Fiction and Fantasy stories into one 180 page volume entitled, "Amazing Tales of Entropy" which will be available at SPACE 2015.  It includes Gremlin which hasn't seen print in a decade or more.  More about that in a future post. I'll have a sample copy with me at all my post-SPACE stops.

Speaking of stops, here's a list of all the shows I did this year which is another reason I didn't get much drawing done.  Probably my busiest year yet.
I.C.E. (Independent Creators Expo) Dayton OH February 1, 2014
MSU Comics Forum East Lansing MI February 22  2014

Indie Comics Fair Ace of Cups Columbus OH March 9, 2014

SPACE The Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo  Columbus OH  April 12 &13, 2014
The Big Comic Show at the Pickerington Library  May 17, 2014Derby City Con June 28 & 29, 2014
Mini Indie Ogre Con 2014! July13, 2014, Columbus OH
Art on the Lawn, Yellow Springs OH August 9, 2024
Independents Day Columbus OH September 20 & 21, 2014Return of the Killer Crafts! October 26  Columbus, Ohio 
Genghis Con November 30, 2014  Cleveland OH 

Only one more to finish out the year:
Arcane Media Fair December 13, 2014, Columbus OH
Appearences next year so far:
 I.C.E.II  January 24, 2015,  Dayton OH
Indie Comics Fair Ace of Cups Columbus OH ?
PIX March 28, 2015, Pittsburgh PASPACE The Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo  Columbus OH  April 11 & 12, 2015

Hope to be more productive in 2015!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Leaves and Future Projects

Haven't been here for awhile.  I did manage to get the Bunny Blues Leaves collection together now just entitled "Leaves".  It includes all 6 issues of the BB/L series plus all the Oh,Comics! shorts that were not included in "Big Ears and Flat Feet".  Total page count is 190!  It's available at the Back Porch Comics page. If you only want a few issues of the BB/L series they are still available on the website until they run out.

I haven't figured out what I want to work on next.  I been so busy with SPACE I haven't drawn anything since October.

One project that I might work on is the long form Vugz webcomic which I have mentioned here before.  The idea of doing a painted page every week has me scared a bit. I have collected the Vugz short stories that have appeared in Oh, Comics! and the SPACE Anthology in a full color  minicomic "Vugz:Fragments"  available at the Back Porch Comics page.
Also I have a few other projects in various states including:
A cataract comic- the story of all the crazy stuff that happened on my way to getting cataract surgery.

Pig Thief- Another memoir comic about my kindergarten days and lessons learned that I was trying to do as a linocut book.
Purple Sky- a memoir comic about my failing grade in elementary school art class.  I started this a few years ago but at the time I decided to make if fiction but I didn't like the way it turned out so I decided if I do it will be the real story.

Flakes- The next story line in the Bunny Blues mythos.

I was also planning on putting together a collection of all my science fiction and fantasy stories into one volume and have it ready for SPACE next year.  It will include all the Gremlin stuff, and short stories that appeared in Oh,Comics! and other anthologies I contributed to over the years.

I'll be at The Big Comic Show at the Pickerington Library on May 17 and also Derby City Con on June 28 &29.