Monday, January 14, 2013

Zig-Zag Drawing Update

2/1/13- Oh,Comics! #21- "Magic"- 4 page Vugz Strip. Script is complete, two pages are penciled and inked and one page is painted. (Painting without lines above).

2/15/13- Here's the zig the new linoleum cut project for the 2013 COLUMBUS FEBRUARY AVANT-GARDE ART & CRAFT SHOW on 2/16/13 is now on the back burner.  I got it all figured out over the holidays but it got too big to get done in time.  It was looking like about 16 plates.  I'll still have the 10th aniversery printing of "Why I'm Not Musical"

2/15/13- SPACE Anthology 2013- 2 to 4 page Vugz Strip.

3/30/13- Untitled #9- 1 to 4 page Entropy Alley Strip.

3/31/13- Bunny Blues / Leaves #6- Got it completely scripted and 18 pages done and need to finish about 10 more. I got page 18 done last weekend.

11/17/12- Lump of Coal #6- 4 page Randolf the Run-Down Reindeer strip. Done!

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