Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Drawing Update


2/1/13- Oh,Comics! #21- "Magic"- 2 to 4 page Vugz Strip. Script is complete along with a few page layouts.

2/15/13- New linoleum cut project.  I'll be at the 2013 COLUMBUS FEBRUARY AVANT-GARDE ART & CRAFT SHOW on 2/16/13. To get in I promised I would just be selling hand-made comics and tee-shirts.  I'm going to do a new printing of "Why I'm Not Musical" which will be 10 years old this year.  I'll also have copies of "Obstacle" but I wanted something new.  I'll work something over the holidays.
2/15/13- SPACE Anthology 2013- 2 to 4 page Vugz Strip.

3/30/13- Untitled #9- 1 to 4 page Entropy Alley Strip.

3/31/13- Bunny Blues / Leaves #6- Got it completely scripted and 18 pages done and need to finish about 10 more. I got page 18 done last weekend.
11/17/12- Lump of Coal #6- 4 page Randolf the Run-Down Reindeer strip. Done!
Happy Holidays!

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