Saturday, October 20, 2012

Drawing Schedule for this Year

Things have been pretty busy around here. I finally finished the secret project at the end of September.  In the last month I was at the Cincinnati Comic Expo, MIX: CCAD Celebration of Comics, The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum and the Bowl full of Happiness Exhibit at the Wild Goose Collective. Got the Art Explorer Post 407 started on this years Lump of Coal.  Also got all the SPACE Prize books up on the site and caught up on the SPACE book keeping and opened the registrations up to new exhibitors.
So I haven't up dated this blog for a while.  The drawing you see here are some of the con sketches I promised over a month ago.  These two are from SMACC back in 2010.  We were given some art supplies from Blicks which consited of a small sketch book and a red pastel so I thought I should do something with them.
Now that things have settled down alittle at least until Thanksgiving (hopefully will be at Genghis Con) I'm going to get started on new (and old) projects. Below is list of those projects:
11/17/12- Lump of Coal #6- 2 to 4 page Randolf the Run-Down Reindeer strip. Got a plot and hopefully a script this weekend.
2/1/13- Oh,Comics! #21- "Magic"- 2 to 4 page Vugz Strip. Got a plot.
2/15/13-  SPACE Anthology 2013- 2 to 4 page Vugz Strip.
3/30/13- Untitled #9- 1 to 4 page Entropy Alley Strip.
3/31/13- Bunny Blues / Leaves #6- Got it completely scripted and 17 pages done and need to finish about 10 more.

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