Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Revised Drawing Schedule!!!

Lots of changes this time around.
2/1/13- Oh,Comics! #21- "Magic"- The strip I originally intended for Oh,Comics! will now be switched to the SPACE Anthology 2013.  I've worked up a 3 page Bunny Blues strip featuring Marcel.  It's all done!

2/15/13- SPACE Anthology 2013- 4 page Vugz Strip is complete!

3/30/13- Untitled #9- 1 to 4 page Entropy Alley Strip.

3/31/13- Bunny Blues / Leaves #6- Got page 19 done. I finally sat down to finish layouts and it looks like only a few more pages so I think this project will be done in time for SPACE!

11/17/12- Lump of Coal #6- 4 page Randolf the Run-Down Reindeer strip. Done!


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