Monday, November 21, 2011

Drawing Progress Update

Here's another quick review of progress on my projects.

11/19/11 – Lump of Coal #5- Art Due 4 page Randolf the Run-down Reindeer strip ( DONE!)
1/15/12 (new deadline)- Oh,Comics! #20 “Air” Art Due 1-4 page B-Valve strip (moved the deadline and starting work on the new strip B-Valve.  More on that later.)

2/25/12- SPACE Anthology 2012 –Art Due 1-4 page Vugz strip (Nothing yet)

3/31/12- Untitled #8 Art Due 1-4 page Entropy Alley strip (Nothing yet)

3/31/12 -Bunny Blues/ Leaves #6 28-30+ page finale (11 pages completed so far and I think I have the idea for the cover.)  (Pages 10 & 11 of the original art are on display at the Kafe Kerouac until about 12/9/11.)


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