Sunday, August 7, 2011

Drawing Schedule

As you can see in the article below I didn't get alot done for SPACE 2011 so I got started early and set up a drawing schedule.  I was at  a more than a page a week clip when I got slowed down for catarack surgery.  Both eyes are done know and doing great.  Below are my projects for the year and my schedule all leading up to SPACE 2012.

11/4/11- Oh,Comics! #20 “Air” Art Due 1-4 page Bunny Blues strip

11/19/11 – Lump of Coal #5- Art Due 1-4 page Randolf the Run-down Reindeer strip

2/25/12- SPACE Anthology 2012 –Art Due 1-4 page Vugz strip

3/31/12- Untitled #8 Art Due 1-4 page Entropy Alley strip

3/31/12 -Bunny Blues/ Leaves #6 28-30+ page finale (5 pages completed so far.)


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