Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Projects May '10

All the dust is settling from SPACE and I've got part of my life back for the time being so I'm off to new projects.
The first is a new linoleum print book entitled "Obstacle". Above is a sketch of the main (actually only) character, Un. I enjoyed making the the hand printed SPACE bags for the show this year so I got the buzz to do another book. I've only done one entire book this way before in '05 with "Why I'm Not Musical" which was a little more ambitious then the current project. I also figured out a way to not destroy my back printing the things. "Obstacle" will hopefully be done for SMACC (Southern Michigan's Arts and Creativity Conference) on July 24 & 25 in Dearborn, Michigan. Go to SMACC for more info.
Also on the aggenda is Oh,Comics! #19: "Fire". I'll be contacting the contributors soon with a schedule. Hopefully it will be ready for Mid-Ohio Con this November 6 & 7.

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