Monday, October 12, 2009

Dali / Disney at The Dayton Art Institue

Kathy and I managed to run over to the Dayton Art Institute last weekend to check out the "Destino" exhibit. In case you're not aware of this, "Destino" was a project started by Walt Disney with Salvador Dali way back in the mid-40's but eventually shelved. Roy Disney discovered the project in the 90's and finished it. It was never officially released. It was nominated for an Academy Award as an animated short in 2003. I think I own the Academy Award Shorts DVD from that year but don't remember it. I'll need to dig it out and check. Anyway the entire thing (about 7 minutes) is up on youtube at
The exhibit consisted of the video running in a constant loop on a screen and about 12 screen prints of Dali's drawings which are part of the original story board. I would love to see Dali's story boards put together the way Miyazaki's were on the "Castle in the Sky" DVD. You can check out more info at
The museum also has some nice pieces on display as part of their permanent collection.

Next time: John Porcellino's "Map of MY Heart"

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